What to expect from orthodontic treatment at Navan Orthodontics

Specialist Orthodontist | Dr Sinead | Dr Christine

Ever wondered what to expect when you first meet your orthodontist? We have put together some information to explain what happens during your brace treatment at Navan Orthodontics. Initial assessment At your first appointment, you will meet the orthodontist who will discuss your dental concerns, complete a thorough assessment of your teeth, bite and face, … Read more

Brace ready- what can I do to be ready to start braces

what can I do to be ready to start braces

What can I do to be ready to start braces? Are you super keen to get your braces fitted? There are a number of things you can do while you are waiting to see your orthodontist to make sure you are ready to start with your orthodontic treatment as soon as possible. I want to … Read more

What Makes a Beautiful Smile?

Incisor show on smiling |Smile arc

Smiles are unique and individual for each person but some features can make a smile even more beautiful! Studies have been done to look at the most important aspects of an aesthetically pleasing smile. These studies reveal some interesting features that make people perceive a smile as beautiful. Your orthodontist is an expert at dental … Read more

What to expect when my orthodontist re-opens after Covid

Practice re-opening | Covid-19 | Specialist orthodontist | Dentist | Brace Specialist | Dr Christine | Dr Sinead | Navan Orthodontics

We are re-opening our orthodontic practice after Covid-19 Navan Orthodontics has re-opened following the phased re-opening of Ireland during the Covid crisis. This re-opening is supported by the Irish Dental Council. Restrictions across the country have started to ease but we will still need to continue to be careful to protect our patients and our … Read more

Healthy Foods List: Seven Best Foods For Your Teeth and Your Brace

Healthy foods for teeth and braces

Complete oral health care extends far beyond brushing and flossing. Here is a list of 7 healthy food ideas for your teeth and brace. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. By keeping your mouth healthy, you are keeping the rest of your body healthy. Along with cleaning your teeth and … Read more