Multi-Disciplinary Treatment

Dr Sinead | Dr Christine | Specialist Orthodontics |Experts in braces |Navan |MeathDr Sinead and Dr Christine have been working in Navan, Meath, Dublin and Louth for years and attend local dental meetings to get to know their local dentists and colleagues. They have developed good relationships with local dentists and dental specialists.

When your treatment is a little more complex, it is great to have the reassurance that your orthodontist will work in close relations with your dentist or a chosen specialist to get you the best result.  For example, if you require fillings or composite bonding on your teeth to improve their shape and size. Sometimes replacement of missing teeth is needed with bridges or implants or treatment of gum disease with your dentist or periodontist. Impacted teeth may need exposure with an oral surgeons. Patients with severe jaw disproportion, may need a referral to a maxillofacial surgeons to discuss jaw surgery.