The smile you have always dreamed of

from only €50 per week!

We have a range of payment plans to suit everyone.

Transparent Prices

  • Initial consultation and follow up appointment €100
  • Top and bottom braces from €3,500 to €5,500
  • Top only or bottom only braces from €2,900
  • Shorter treatments / 6 month braces from €1,500
  • Invisalign treatment €3,500 to €7,000
  • Interceptive treatment €450 to €1,250

Option 1

Standing Order

€500-€1000 deposit

Standing order of €200-€250 per month over the treatment length or 18 months, interest free

Option 2

Pay per Visit

€500-€1000 deposit

Pay per visit €250-€300 over the treatment length or 18 months, interest free

Option 3

Pay Upfront

Pay upfront and receive a 5% reduction in the treatment price

Flexible payment plans to suit everyone

  • We accept payments by bank transfer, credit and debit card
  • Pay Upfront
  • Pay at your appointment
  • Setup a regular standing order
  • Online payments through our website

Tax deductible with Med 2 forms

Orthodontic treatment is tax deductible for you and children under your care.  You can claim a 20% tax refund off the cost of your orthodontic treatment. This could be as much as €1000 off the cost of comprehensive brace treatment. We can provide you with the Med 2 forms and help you fill them in or click here.

Insurance cover

Some private health insurers offer a monetary fee off the cost of yours or your child’s orthodontic treatment. We can help you fill in the forms if you are covered. DeCare Dental and VHI Dental insurance customers can save up to €1,000.

Garda medical aid

Claim back up to €1,700 f you are eligable for Garda Medical Aid. We can help you with your forms. 

European Commission Subsidies

The European Commission offers reimbursements in dental and orthodontic fees up to a certain amount. We can help you with these forms also.