Thumb Sucking Clinic

Thumb sucking is a common habit often used by babies and young children to sooth themselves or to go to sleep. The thumb acts as a barrier within the mouth pushing the top teeth forward and the lower teeth back (increased overjet) and the sucking habit narrows the width of the top jaw. Normally, if the habit is stopped by age 6, these changes are reversible and will get better by themselves with no intervention. When the habits carries on later, it can affect the developing teeth and face more. The effect of this will also depend on the growth pattern of the individual. 

At Navan Orthodontics, we are happy to see you to give you our professional opinion and advise on how to stop the habit. Normally we find with the correct motivation and an understanding of the problems caused by thumb sucking, children will naturally stop themselves. This self-motivation from the child themselves is the best way to stop. If a habit-breaker appliance is needed, Dr Christine or Dr Sinead will be happy to discuss your options with you.