Specialist Orthodontic Practice

Congratulations on choosing one of our specialist orthodontists to look after yours or your loved one’s teeth and smile. Dr Sinead and Dr Christine are experts in orthodontics. Together they have 23 years experience working full time as orthodontists and have treated over 1500 cases. They are passionate about getting you the smile you deserve. 

A specialist orthodontist is someone who first qualifies as a dentist and then completes a further 3 years of full time education in orthodontics alone. Orthodontics literally means straight teeth! It is the study of how to move teeth correctly, the biomechanics of how braces work on teeth, facial growth and development and how to use growth to develop the jaws and make teeth move more easily. 

The practice was established in 2006 in the heart of County Meath by Dr Sinead. The practice quickly grew to become part of the community. Dr Christine joined her in 2015. Together, we deliver an exceptional service and super smiles to all our patients!

Dr Sinead O Hanrahan | Dr Christine Smith

A smile is worth a thousand words

Smiling has a massive feel good effect on us! It’s contagious, it attracts us to other people and them to us, and it has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system! What more reasons do you need to invest in your smile.

Creating smiles for life

Investing in yours and your children’s teeth is always worth it. Having an aesthetic smile with straight teeth gives you a huge boost in confidence. While braces may seem like an inconvenience at the time, the long-term benefits massively outweigh any short-term inconvenience. 

Some of the proven benefits of orthodontics are increased confidence, self-esteem and reduced risk of damage to your teeth and gums. Straightening your teeth also makes them easier to clean!  

The ideal age to start treatment is between the ages of 10-12 years. At this age, a child is growing which allow teeth to move more easily into their ideal position. Compliance with braces is better at this age compared to teenage years. Having some baby teeth left is a big advantage as they tend to be bigger than their corresponding adult tooth and space can be kept to reduce crowding and sometimes prevent the need for extractions. 

Starting orthodontic treatment is often the incentive people need to take responsibility for their teeth. This is especially true for teenagers. We have seen huge changes in attitude, dental health and diet when teenagers want braces and know they need to look after their teeth to be able to get them.  

Orthodontics is fun too and patients see the improvement every time they come to see us! Dr Christine and Dr Sinead have both spent time working in childrens’ hospitals and specialist paediatric dental units. They have developed many skills to put children and their parents at ease. 

Our patients often tell us how much they love coming in to see us! We believe that orthodontists play a vital role in helping out patients adapt a positive dental attitude for life.

Adults can have orthodontics too!

Yes absolutely, there is that there is no age limit on straightening your teeth and improving your smile! We are experts in lots of different types of braces to suit your lifestyle and budget.  Dr Sinead or Dr Christine will be happy to go through these with you.

Personalised service

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, from your very first appointment to your last retainer check. 

Dr Christine or Dr Sinead will develop a personalised treatment plan just for you. Every mouth is different so one plan does not suit all. At Navan Orthodontics, we use lots of different types of braces and have the experience to know what will work best for you and your lifestyle. 

During your treatment, you will be seen by your orthodontist at regular intervals, usually every 6-8 weeks. If there are any emergencies (which there are never too many of) you are generally seen on the same day as Dr Sinead and Dr Christine work at Navan Orthodontics full time. This means minimum discomfort for you. 

Comfortable treatments and modern techniques

With modern training and technology, orthodontics is more comfortable than ever.  We use low profile brackets to limit pressure on the cheeks and shape memory NiTi wires to deliver a gentle continuous force to move the teeth. This makes the process of straightening your teeth more comfortable. There is now less tightening of your braces and shorter treatment times.

Dr Christine and Dr Sinead are up-to-date with all the latest orthodontic treatments and brace technology. They offer all brace types: ceramic braces, metal braces, removable braces, invisalign, lingual braces. Both doctors use mini-implants to move teeth more effectively.  They are trained to improve any irregular gum margins at the end of treatment which can make a massive difference to your smile. 

Flexible payment plans and no hidden costs

At Navan Orthodontics you can have peace of mind that there are no hidden costs in your treatment quotation! 

Our consultation fee is €100. It includes a one on one session with the orthodontist to discuss your wishes and orthodontic needs.  We take a full set of records (x-rays, photos and plaster models of your teeth). This allows the orthodontist to make a definitive and personalised treatment plan for you. The fee includes a follow up appointment where you will meet with your orthodontist and go through the treatment in details along with finance options that work for you. 

Our treatment quote includes all your braces, retainers and retainer checks for 18 months after your brace have been removed to ensure your teeth stay perfectly straight. 

We ask for an initial deposit when the braces are fitted. You can pay the balance over the duration of your treatment. Don’t forget, we offer additional family members a discount if they have treatment with us too!

Do you know your orthodontic treatment is tax deductible? You can claim back 20% of the cost of yours or your child’s orthodontic treatment with the Med 2 forms. That’s can be up to €800 off the cost of your treatment!

Some practices offer a free consultation. This is generally to introduce you to the practice, show you different braces and discuss payment options. This may not be with an orthodontist. At Navan Orthodontics, we believe that the best use of your time is to have a  a full assessment with an orthodontist. A full clinical exam with xrays and photographs is integral to creating a comprehensive treatment plan that is right for you. This is important so you can understand exactly what is involved, make an informed decision and ultimately get the best result.

Convenient location and appointment times

Navan Orthodontics is in the centre of Navan on Market Square. It is walking distance from a number of secondary and primary schools. There is ample parking in the Fair Green and Navan Shopping centre.

There is a specialist orthodontist in the practice every day of the week so you can be flexible with what day or time suits you best. After school appointments are available for routine appointments.  If for whatever reason you need to see us urgently, we will endeavour to see you on the same day.