What to expect from orthodontic treatment at Navan Orthodontics

Ever wondered what to expect when you first meet your orthodontist? We have put together some information to explain what happens during your brace treatment at Navan Orthodontics.

Initial assessment

At your first appointment, you will meet the orthodontist who will discuss your dental concerns, complete a thorough assessment of your teeth, bite and face, take xrays of your teeth and jaws, do clinical photographs and a mould or scan of your teeth. These records are essential to give you an accurate and tailor made treatment plan for you.


Treatment planning appointment

A second appointment is sometimes needed to discuss your plan in detail. The orthodontist will also explain the benefits of treatment and also any specific risks that may be associated with your case.

Our Orthodontists

Dr Christine Smith (specialist orthodontist)

Dr Christine is a specialist orthodontist and now practice owner. Dr Christine is great with children due to her kind and gentle nature. This works well for adults too J  Dr Christine does all types of braces including removable braces, train tracks, clear braces, invisalign, mini-implants braces and expanders. For more information and to see Dr Christine in person, click on the you tube link below

Dr Sinead O’Hanrahan (specialist orthodontist)

Dr Sinead is a specialist orthodontist and set up the practice in 2006. Dr Sinead has great experience in all things to do with braces. She also work as a HSE orthodontists. Sinead has an easy going nature, which keeps patients comfortable and at ease during their orthodontic treatment. Dr Sinead has a great eye for detail and aesthetics which is invaluable on achieving your dream smile. For more information and to see Dr Sinead in person, click on the you tube video below

For more information on Dr Christine and Dr Sinead, click here https://navanorthodontics.ie/meet-the-orthodontic-team/

What if I am not ready to start?

Some patients may need a full check-up, fillings or cleaning done of their teeth before they are ready to start braces. We can write to your dentist  and advise what work, if any, is needed.

Some younger patients may not be ready to start treatment. If this is the case we will put you on an ‘eruption check’ recall list so we know we will see you at the correct time to start braces. There is no additional fee for this.

Pre-treatment impressions or spacers

You may require a mould to be taken of your teeth if your orthodontist has planned a removable brace first as part of your orthodontic treatment. This is often the case in growing patients (eg twin blocks to improve the development of the upper and lower jaws).

Small ‘separators’ may need to be placed between your back teeth. Separators are used to create a small space on either side of your back teeth so that ‘bands’ can be fitted. Bands are used to connect expander braces or space maintainer braces to your teeth.  It only takes a few minutes to fit the separators. They can be a little sore after placement for about 24 hours so we recommend taking some pain killers as needed.

Braces on

Teenager braces

This is where we fit your braces or train tracks. This is a longer appointment (30-60 minutes) and is normally carried out in the morning. It does not hurt but you will have your mouth open for some time and we have little saliva suckers or ejectors in your mouth to keep your teeth dry so your mouth may get dry too. At the end of the appointment, we will show you how to clean and look after the brace and also foods to eat or avoid. After brace fitting , teeth can feel tender or swollen for 1-2 weeks so pain killers and a soft diet are advised.

Here is a video of what to expect when you get your braces fitted


Invisalign fit

If you are having aligner braces, your orthodontist will fit your aligners. If you require enamel reduction this may be done at the initial visit or at a subsequent time. Small attachments may be fitted to your teeth to help the aligners fit more closely to the teeth and thus help them work more efficiently.

Aligners | Invisalign | Braces | Adult Braces | Clear Braces | 6 months braces
Aligner braces

Routine follow up

You will normally be seen every 6-8 weeks to have your braces adjusted or aligners checked. This appointment take about 10-20 minutes in length. Towards the end of treatment, we may see you more frequently to the finishing touches correct before you get your braces off.

Braces off

Braces are normally removed at a morning appointment. This is so we can have your retainers ready to fit later in the day. It takes about 30-45 minutes to remove your braces. It is not sore but again takes a bit of time to get it right. We sometimes fit bonded retainers at this appointment or at a subsequent appointment as an additional retainer to help hold your teeth in their new position.


‘Essix’ Removable retainers

The gold standard retainer is a removable ‘essix’ retainer. This is like a thin clear mouthguard that fits closely to all your teeth. It is worn initially full time for a few weeks and then at night time when sleeping after that for the first year. If you do NOT wear your retainers, your teeth WILL MOVE.

Your orthodontist will give you an individualised retention plan for your teeth. Please understand that retainers must be worn a few nights/week forever as teeth are not static and will move throughout life. This is especially true in your 20’s, 30s when normal facial maturational changes occur, resulting in your chin getting narrower and your lower incisor teeth moving. This happen to everyone, even those who never had braces (one of life’s great blessing J).

Removable retainers will need to be replaces thoughout life due to normal wear and tear. There may be a charge for this which is usually €50 per retainer if you are a patient of the practice.


Wire/Bonded retainers

Sometimes your orthodontist may fit a wire retainer behind your teeth. Wire retainers are great but need long term maintenance and extra cleaning . They also may need to be repaired or replaced which will incur a charge (€150-300 per retainer).

Bonded retainer are composed of metal and plastic . They are kept in a moist environment (your mouth) and exposed to regular changes in temperatures, when you eat or drink hot and cold things, which results in expansion and contraction. They may also be subjected to biting forces. For all these reasons, wire retainers can come loose or break easily. They need regular check-ups with your orthodontist or dentist. If they were to come loose without the patient knowing , they can result in the teeth shifting in position. Some peoples’ teeth may not be suitable for bonded retainer due to the shape of their teeth.

This is why removable retainers are the gold standard and are issued in all cases.

Your orthodontist will discuss if your case if suitable for a wire retainer and the maintenance and extra cleaning involved.

Retention checks

At Navan Orthodontics, be assured that we will keep a close eye on your after your braces have been removed. Depending on each case, we normally see you at 3 months after brace removal and then again at 9 months and 18 months. It is very important to see your retainers with you to these retention checks. If there are any emergencies with your retainers (lost or broken retainers) will we see you sooner.

Discharge back to your dentist

After you have finished your retention supervision with your orthodontist, we will refer you back to your dentist. You are always welcome to come back after this period , eg if you needed a new retainer. There may be a charge for this (€50-150).

Any questions?

Hopefully we have answered most of your questions about how we work at Navan Orthodontics and what you can expect of your treatment here. We pride ourselves on being a specialist practice and aim for the highest standards in orthodontic care. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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