First Orthodontic Appointment- What To Expect

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First Appointment

At your first appointment, you will get to meet your orthodontist. You can chat with your orthodontist about your concerns, reasons for seeking treatment and what type of braces you would like. The orthodontist will do a full orthodontic assessment of your teeth and face, including dental imaging, impressions of your teeth and x-rays of you teeth and jaws. They can then provide a fully comprehensive treatment plan which is taylor-made for you, which will include what treatment is needed, which braces are suitable, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

X-rays or dental radiographs are a really important part of your orthodontic treatment planning. You will routinely have 1 or 2 x-rays taken at your first appointment. These may be repeated mid way through your treatment. X-rays are hugely beneficial. They are taken to ensure it is safe for you to have brace treatment, plan your orthodontic teeth movements and also to check the progress of your care. Your orthodontist can also look at your wisdom teeth, check for dental decay and assess the health of your the bone supporting the teeth and jaws. As with any radiological assessment, x-rays do come with some risks, albeit a low risk for the benefit gained. A typical orthodontic x-ray (OPG, lateral cephalogram) is equivalent to 1-2 days of background radiation. We aim to reduce this risk at Navan Orthodontics by taking only necessary x-rays, using digital x-ray equipment, continuous staff training to ensure optimal results and safe storage of your images. 

Second Appointment

At your second appointment, you will meet your orthodontist again for a detailed chat about your treatment with the help of your clinical photos, X-rays and plaster models of your teeth. Any risks and benefits will be discussed with you so you are totally informed about your orthodontic treatment and comfortable to go ahead.  It is important for you to have this time to make sure it is the right treatment for you. Once you are happy, we can arrange for you go get your chosen braces fitted!

Third Appointment – Brace fitting