Dentistry: How technology is facilitating wider smiles

Strides in orthodontic wiring and digital imaging help both professionals and patients Danielle Barron It goes without saying that advances in technology mean the way we bank, shop and run our homes has changed irrevocably. Modern dentistry has not been immune to this paradigm shift and advances in technology have changed the face of modern … Read more

How to manage my brace when my orthodontic practice is closed?

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How can I manage my brace when my orthodontic practice is closed? Navan Orthodontics is currently closed due to the Covid_19 Corona virus outbreak in Ireland. You may be wondering how to manage your brace while the practice is closed and we can’t see you. Or you may be worried about your brace or when … Read more

What is a cross bite?

A crossbite is a type of bite where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. Braces are a great tool at correcting a crossbite. Your specialist orthodontist will help choose the best treatment for you or your child.     What causes a crossbite? A crossbite is a misalignment of teeth which can affect a … Read more

Tax back on brace treatment

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Can I claim tax back on my brace treatment? Great news!! Yes, if you are working and paying tax in Ireland, you can get tax back on your orthodontic or brace treatment. You can also claim tax relief on your children’s orthodontic treatment. The Irish Government offer tax relief of 20%. For example, if your … Read more