Tax back on brace treatment

Can I claim tax back on my brace treatment?

Great news!! Yes, if you are working and paying tax in Ireland, you can get tax back on your orthodontic or brace treatment. You can also claim tax relief on your children’s orthodontic treatment. The Irish Government offer tax relief of 20%. For example, if your orthodontic treatment cost €4000 you would get €800 back as tax relief. This would significantly reduce the cost of your braces and make your new smile even more affordable.

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What else can I get tax relief on?

You can get tax back on lots of non-routine dental work with the Med 2 Form. Your dentist can tell you more about this but we have put together a handy list of non-routine dental expenses which you can claim back 20% of the cost:

  1. Orthodontic treatment
  2. Crowns
  3. Veneers / etched fillings
  4. Posts
  5. Inlays
  6. Root canal treatments
  7. Periodontal treatment
  8. Surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth (if undertaken in a hospital)
  9. Bridgework

Can I get tax back on routine dentistry?

Unfortunately you can’t claim for tax relief on the following types of routine dental expenses:

  • Routine check ups
  • Extractions
  • Scaling and filing of teeth
  • Provision and maintenance of dentures

Back to braces

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In summary, tax back on braces is available for the entire cost of your orthodontic treatment. This includes any removable braces, fixed train track braces, clear braces, invisalign and retainer braces to name but a few. For more information on what tax you can claim back visit :

Dr. Sinead O’Hanrahan and Dr. Christine Smith are trained as specialist orthodontists so they will be able to discuss the best treatment options for you. Your brace specialist will give you a definite quote for the cost of the treatment so there will be no hidden costs. At Navan Orthodontics, we also offer flexible payment plans which makes your brace treatment even more affordable.

Don’t forget that you have 4 years to claim back the cost of your orthodontic treatment so you may still have time if you haven’t reclaimed your tax relief yet!

Just ask Navan Orthodontics’ staff if you have any questions

Navan Orthodontics’ staff are fully aware of how to the tax relief system works. We will be more than happy to help you complete all the necessary paper work so just ask!