Specialist Orthodontic Practice

  • Registered specialists
  • Our passion
  • Expert training
  • …years in practice
  • …number of patients treated
  • practice owned by SOH/CS
  • dentists first but now ortho is all we do
  • great team
  • Did you know orthodontics means straight teeth in Greek!
  • Congratulations on choosing one of our specialist orthodontists to look after yours or your loved ones teeth and smile development. Dr Sinead and Dr Christine have solely dedicated their work to orthodontics for 23 years. They were dentists first but both went back into full time education to concentrate solely on learning how to  move teeth carefully and efficiently, learn the biomechanics of how braces work on teeth and how to use growth to develop the jaws and make tooth movement easier. 
  • Together they have treated over …..cases
  • The practice was established in the heart of County Meath by Dr Sinead in 2006. She single handily grew the practice and became part of the community. Dr Christine joined her in 2015. It is their combined goal to deliver exceptional service and super smiles to all!

A smile is worth a thousand words. Smiling has a massive feel good effect on us! It’s contagious, it makes us more attractive to other people, it’s contagious, and it has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system! What more reasons do you need to invest in your smile.