Flexible payment plans / No hidden costs

At Navan Orthodontics you can have peace of mind that there are no hidden costs in your treatment quotation! 

Our consultation fee is €100 and it includes a one on one session with the orthodontist to discuss your wishes and orthodontic needs.  A full set of records is taken (x-rays, photos, plaster models of your teeth). This combined with the consultation, allows the orthodontist to make a definitive and personalised treatment plan for you. The fee also includes a follow up appointment where you will meet with the orthodontist again and go through the treatment in details along with finance options that work for you. 

Our treatment quote includes all your braces and retainers at the end of treatment. You can have peace of mind that there are no hidden fees. We also continue to see you for 1 year (or 18 months) after your braces have been removed free of charge to ensure you have no problems after your braces have been removed. 

We ask for an initial deposit when the braces are fitted. Then you can pay monthly or per visit over the duration of your treatment up to 18 months. Don’t forget, we offer additional family members a discount if they have treatment with us too!

Did you know our orthodontic treatment is tax deductible!!!

With the Med 2 Forms you can claim back 20% of the cost of yours or your child’s orthodontic treatment! That’s can be up to €800 off the cost of a comprehensive case!

Some practices offer a free consultation but this is normally with a practice manager (and not an orthodontist). It is generally to introduce you to the practice and to show you different brace options. We feel that this is not a good use of your time.